Press Cartoonark distributes a great variety of continuing features, such as political cartoons, caricatures, comic strips and illustrations, and we are constantly on the lookout for quality features. The potential distribution for your work is enormous. It includes virtually every global newspaper, magazine, website or advertising and book company that buys syndicated material.

We are happy to say that we receive a veritable sea of submissions every week. Because all of this must be reviewed and considered with care, please allow a minimum of two weeks for a response to your submission.

Should your material be rejected, it does not necessarily mean that your work is not of adequate quality; it may simply be a matter of too much similar material already in distribution. In all, the quality of submitted material is very high. We therefore ask that you continue to submit new ideas to us. If we can possibly use the work, we will respond with all possible dispatch.

As we would like to develop a personal relationship with the artists  we syndicate, please include some information about yourself with your submission.

Digital Submissions Guidelines

Beginning in 2016, Press Cartoonark will only accept submissions digitally. Please following the guidelines when submitting digitally:

  • Fill out the submission form completely.
  • Submissions should be compiled into a single file in .jpg format.
  • Digital submissions must adhere to all formatting guidelines listed above.

Submission Form

Please use this form to submit your feature for consideration. All fields are required.

Before hitting Upload, please confirm you are following all of the guidelines on this page.