Please first check the FAQ for information. For specific questions not covered, please send an email to

How will I receive the cartoons I purchased?

You will see a link to download the high-resolution file and the cartoons will be e-mailed to the e-mail you used when you registered.

What if I don't get the e-mail with the cartoon in it?

First, check your junk or spam filter. Second, log back into Go to My Account. You’ll find your purchase history there with an easy link to download any cartoon you’ve purchased.”How am I allowed to use the cartoons?” el_id=”1453748373311-943ee8d8-4598″]You tell us how you intend to use the cartoon (personal use, presentation, publication, web site, etc.) when you select from our price list, and you have purchased a license for that use only. The cartoon gives you permission to use it under our Terms of Use you agreed to when you registered with us.

I can't seem to find any cartoons on the subject I need. What do I do?

Try different key words. Use single words, not phrases or groups of words, our search engine works better that way.  Try related keywords that are close to what you are searching for. Or e-mail and we’ll try to find a cartoon on the subject you’re looking for. With many cartoons in our database, there is almost always a cartoon that works for every need.

I want to use a different cartoon every day on my web site (publication, etc.). Is there a more economical way to do that?

Yes! We have a subscription service that is more economical for the frequent user. Contact for more information. It’s a great value!

I want to use the same cartoon in a newsletter and on my web site. Do I have to buy it twice?

Yes. Please purchase the rights to each different use seperately. This different usage license can all be part of the same invoice.


Can I use a cartoon for school use without paying?

Yes and no. If the cartoon is for in-classroom use only, for example as part of a lesson or for use n a student’s essay, you may cut and paste the cartoon from our web site. This is permitted under the Fair Use part of copyright law.

If you want to: post a cartoon on a school web site, print it in the school newspaper, put it into lesson plans to be shared with other teachers, print the cartoon on a school poster, or publish the cartoon in a journal, you need to purchase the cartoon to have the right to use it.

What size are the cartoons?

The different cartoonists work in different ways, but all of our high-resolution images (300dpi).